Attach Creator Coin to all your internet content

inClout is a browser extension allowing you to link your presence across YouTube, Instagram, Twitch - you name it - with your Creator Coin.

Imagine internet content being like real estate

Visitors of your linked pages can directly support you

inClout users visiting your pages will see your "Clout Marker" icon and can buy your Coin

For you, inClout will show statistics about how much you've received from your content page

Personalize inClout appearance selecting your Clout Marker

What color defines you?

Personalize your Clout Marker choosing from twelve available colors

Everyone visiting your claimed content pages will see your color

As an investor, support your new favorite creator with just a few clicks

Discovered a new creator 🔥 and want to invest?

Simply click on the inClout extension and directly purchase their Creator Coin

No need to reverse engineer the creator's BitClout username


BitClout started a new paradigm of decentralization and content monetization

And we want to make it mainstream

Initial Traction

Our target for Stage Alpha is to collect initial feedback on @inClout. We want to make sure our product really solves the issues we've identified. See more here:

Development and Launch

In Stage Beta, we launch the inClout extension and give access to everyone who's verified on BitClout. No "private beta for coin holders" shenanigans. If you're not verified and want to use inClout, reach out to us on BitClout.


I will fix the <Message is not decryptable on this device> bug (@petern). We all faced it and it's extremely annoying. Turns out it's not difficult to fix. I raised this issue once on GitHub, but no effect. This time I'll be persistent. Promise.


We envision inClout serving a broad user base with the following applications:

1. Supporting Creators

An investor who discovers valuable content will be able to easily support the creator through inClout.

2. Rewarding Fans

Creators will be able to set automatic fan rewards using the inClout analytics panel. E.g. 1000th viewer of your latest YouTube video will get $5.

3. Fighting Misinformation

As inClout enables creators to claim internet content, it will be harder to spread fake information.

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